Hi, I'm Elijah Daniel, 

you may know me as your local neighborhood cult leader, LIL PHAG, or from the time I was a Mayor and banned hetreosexuals as a joke, or maybe don't know me at all (probably for the best).

Either way, welcome to the CULT. I never thought I’d have to put out a release that wasn’t a fucking notes app apology, but here we are. 

I don’t know why my stupid ass has to be the one to say it but: 

We are all humans, and we’re not making it through this without each other. 

My mother taught me to be kind and protect everyone, especially our weakest, Because our weakest at that time may also be our strongest.

Our “weakest” are only humans, facing conditions that we could all, to be fuckin' real, be facing at any point. And I hope this has situation has taught all of us that. 

Starting with just the help of Forcer App, in less than 24 hours I’ve gathered a network of incredible people from millionaires, to influencers, to people who work with the homeless in Los Angeles every day. 

And they all came together, without the promise of any promotion or press; to protect everyone. 

With the support of these individuals, companies and the members of this CULT, this weekend, our first CULT Relief Trucks will begin distributing nearly 100,000 care packages including bars of soap, water, food, menstrual hygiene products and growing list of other necessities to the Los Angeles homeless population to help in the fight against COVID-19 aka the coronavirus.

This will only start in Los Angeles, with growing donations and immense support we hope to announce more trucks in more cities in the coming days. 

*I think it's also important to note that 80%+ of the supplies being handed out are being bought by family and minority owned small business, not only are your donations helping the homeless population, but they are also helping struggling through this tough time as well.*

we are here to come together as one cult

people over politics

people over profit

protect everyone 

(it’s still fuck trump tho) 

- Elijah Daniel


UPDATE (3/25):

Thank you to every one of you who have donated, shared, and supported - what started as just 30,000 bars of soap to pass out in hygiene packs to the homeless of Los Angeles, has now snowballed into a beautiful full nationwide relief program to bring necessities to the homeless across the United States, and our supplies list went from only soap & water, to a massive list of desperately needed necessities.

Over the last 2 days our CULT Relief Trucks began running, delivering already over 50,000+ supplies to the homeless in Los Angeles. The people we have met, and stories we have heard have brought me to tears too many times than I can count. The homeless in the United States have no access to water, food, or supplies of any kind. They are scared, hungry, being policed off the streets and have no where to go. 

We can not let our homeless neighbors be forgotten.

Our trucks will be finishing their runs in Los Angeles, and then coming back to stock and head out to San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento and Seattle, while our team back in LA stockpiles supplies and plans for the expansion to: Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, & more states to be announced in the next few days

With your help, we can and WILL have CULT Relief Trucks in every city in the next two weeks.

Thank you for your support, without you we could not have gotten to this point.

Thank you


UPDATE (3/19):

Thanks to your incredible support, what started as just hygiene supplies for the Los Angeles homeless 48hrs ago, has now grown to over 450,000 supplies to be passed out on our CULT Relief Trucks to the homeless populations of not only Los Angeles but also:

San Diego, San Francisco, Portland & Seattle in the coming week.

With continued support and donations, we hope to expand our CULT trucks to more cities and states in the next few days. 

The first CULT Relief trucks will begin running this weekend, starting in Los Angeles.

UPDATE (3/18):

With the continued support and donations from supporters we have been able to add tens of thousands of other necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizing wipes. first aid products, and family products including diapers, formula, and baby wipes. 

Thank you all for the tremendous amount of support we have received. with continued donations, We now expect to be able to mobilize CULT Relief trucks to both San Diego and San Fransisco in the next week. 

With your help we accomplished this in 36 hours, i could not be anymore proud of the members of this cult, and i hope to announce more CULT Relief Trucks in more cities by over the next week.

We will need your help to get these trucks to more cities, donate if you can, any amount helps. If you can't donate, simply spreading the word, using the hashtags, and tweeting the link helps.



From day one, the #CULTforGOOD project has aimed to help the most vulnerable, and those keeping us safe. Thanks to sponsors, Lisa N Hoang, sewing groups around the nation donating their time and skills, and your donations we have been able to purchase antimicrobial fabric to begin getting 30,000+ CDC compliant masks to hospitals.

As each day changes new challenges arise and there is now a shortage of elastic from most craft stores. While the Fashion District is effectively shut down, some brave shops who are risking citations and worse to open their gates a few feet and we are buying every piece of elastic we can. 

We have also now sent over 10,000 yards of elastic to people volunteering their time at no cost to them to help in their efforts of getting masks to hospitals most in need. 


Per the CDC’s recommendation of everyone wearing masks, we have added thousands of masks to our CULT Relief packs to be handed out to the homeless communities, and have partnered with Scummy Bears & their Scummy Cares campaign. They’re offering 25% off antimicrobial masks with 100% of the profits going right back into getting masks to those who need them the most. 





The government is not helping.

 It is up to us to #ProtectEveryone, 

70% of supplies being handed out were paid for by generous donors like you

You can donate directly to help the CULT for GOOD project below. Donations go to the CULT for GOOD project to help purchase more necessities, and to bring our CULT Relief trucks to more cities throughout the United States.




#CULTforGOOD merch is available now.

All profits from merch sold go to the CULT for GOOD project to help with more supplies, and to bring our CULT Relief trucks to more cities throughout the United States.




We will need your help to get these trucks to more cities, If you can't donate, simply spreading the word, using the hashtags (#ProtectEveryone & #CULTforGOOD), and tweeting the link helps. 

You can click the link below to tweet a prewritten tweet.



Jenerral Mangement

Jenerral Mangement


Without the help of the app Forcer, and their incredible team and donation this project would not have been able to be started. I can not stress that enough, because of Forcer, and your support. This project would not have been able to grow into what it has. 

Jenerral Mangement

Jenerral Mangement

Jenerral Mangement


 Jenerral MGMT CEO, Jen Stein, has donated her time, and skills, joining as the COO of CULT for GOOD, coordinating all CULT relief efforts.

Within hours, securing product sponsorships, and coordinating volunteers across the US to expedite expansion. 

Using her music industry background she is making a goal to help those effected by this pandemic, purchasing supplies, water and essentials from small businesses and independent venues effected by the loss of work.

We Are Verified

Jenerral Mangement

We Are Verified


With the donations of management agency, We Are Verified, and CEO, Jordan Worona, we have been able to provide tens of thousands of supplies to the homeless, and with his continued support in managing sponsorships and donations for the CULT Relief Project, he is helping bring CULT bring more trucks to more cities.

Scummy Bears

Vivera Pharmaceuticals

We Are Verified


Scummy Bears has launched their new Scummy Cares initiative, and Scummy Cares masks for you to wear and help stop the spread of the disease. While these masks are not medical grade, their masks are made with anti-microbial fabric and can be used to help keep your germs where they belong (in your own mouth), with 100% of all profits going right back into getting masks to those who need them most.

Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Vivera Pharmaceuticals


Without an incredible donation of rapid on-site COVID-19 tests, CULT Relief Trucks, in the coming weeks will now be able to offer FREE coronavirus tests to the homeless and at-risk populations.


Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Vivera Pharmaceuticals


While the #CULTforGOOD project is focusing on the homeless population, DUDEWipes and their team helped distribute thousands of free wipes to at-risk and quarantined fans.

Enterprise Rent-A-Truck

Enterprise Rent-A-Truck

Enterprise Rent-A-Truck


With the support of Enterprise Rent-A-Truck and their amazing team, they were able to provide more CULT Relief trucks, same day,

 And are aiding in getting more trucks in more cities around the country.


Enterprise Rent-A-Truck

Enterprise Rent-A-Truck


With donations of trucks from U-Haul, the Cult Relief Trucks are now able to reach more communities.

INTERESTED IN becoming a sponsor?

Fill out the form below in detail (including your company, if applicable, and our team will be in contact ASAP.

this contact form is ONLY companies and individuals interested in making large sum donations, please to not overwhelm our team during this time.