From day one, the #CULTforGOOD project has aimed to help the most vulnerable, and those keeping us safe. Thanks to sponsors, Lisa N Hoang, sewing groups around the nation donating their time and skills, and your donations we have been able to purchase antimicrobial fabric to begin getting 30,000+ CDC compliant masks to hospitals.

As each day changes new challenges arise and there is now a shortage of elastic from most craft stores. While the Fashion District is effectively shut down, some brave shops who are risking citations and worse to open their gates a few feet and we are buying every piece of elastic we can. 

We have also now sent over 10,000 yards of elastic to people volunteering their time at no cost to them to help in their efforts of getting masks to hospitals most in need. 


Per the CDC’s recommendation of everyone wearing masks, we have added thousands of masks to our CULT Relief packs to be handed out, and we have partnered with Scummy Bears & their Scummy Cares campaign. They’re offering 25% off antimicrobial masks with 100% of ALL profits going right back into getting masks to those who need them the most.